First Flight Official Rules & Guidelines

  • Phoenix Boats logo on tournament shirt must be across full front of shirt, minimum size 12″x1.75″.  Winners will be required to provide Phoenix Boats with a photo of themselves on stage.
  • All factory installed Phoenix Boats decals must be on the boat in the original position. In the case where the boat is fully wrapped, the Phoenix Boats logo must be the same size (38” in length) and in an equally visible location.
  • You must display a Phoenix First Flight decal on the driver’s windshield/console of the Phoenix Boat you are fishing from.
  • You must display the Phoenix Boats decal on your vehicle.
  • Only the registered Phoenix Boat owner who is the first place winner of an event that has been approved and listed on the Phoenix Boats website is eligible for payment. Big fish and other awards will not count.
  • Registered owners must fish from his/her own Phoenix Boat.
  • Anglers must be wearing a Phoenix Boats shirt for logo exposure during competition, media coverage, pre-meetings, weigh-ins and awards ceremony to be eligible for payment.
  • Tournament rewards claims are limited to two (2) per calendar year per owner/boat.
  • Co-anglers or team partners are not eligible for consideration even though he/she may own a Phoenix Boat. Team sanctioned events will be counted only toward the owner of the Phoenix Boat – only one contingency payout will be awarded.
  • Any person employed by Phoenix Boats is not eligible for this program.
  • It is the angler’s responsibility to know the guidelines and official rules of the program. Angler must meet all guidelines and submit proof that guidelines were met.
  • Income taxes are the sole responsibility of the recipient.
  • Phoenix Boats reserves the right to change, modify, enhance, or terminate the Phoenix First Flight program at any time. Participants are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions.
  • Phoenix Boats decisions on eligibility, award payments, and all other aspects of the Phoenix First Flight program will be final.

Claims Process:

  • The Tournament Rewards Claim Form (which can be found on the Phoenix Boats website) must be submitted, along with the required documentation, to Phoenix Boats within 30 days of the event for payment consideration. The required documentation is: completed Tournament Rewards Claim form, a completed IRS Form W-9, a printed photograph of the winner on stage taken at the event site with the tournament award. In the photo, you must be wearing a Phoenix Boats tournament shirt with logo as designated in the Official Rules and Guidelines.
  • Please allow 6 – 8 weeks after receipt by Phoenix Boats of the claim form for approval and processing.
  • Phoenix Boats ownership and warranty registration verified prior to payout.
  • All winners will be verified with the tournament organization. All results must be able to be verified through an official tournament trail website.